Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs. Grinch

It's three days until Christmas, and I'm still not feeling the Christmas spirit. I feel like Mrs. Grinch or something. It's awful. I even have some cool light up reindeer-antlers to stick on my head. and they haven't helped much. Maybe I need to give more....I went caroling the other night with a few friends to some widows, and that was the warm-fuzziest I've felt in a long time. But unfortunately, I'm back to grinching. It's not like I'm being overly-selfish. I haven't really thought at all about what I might be getting Christmas morning--I'm just not in a jingle-belling, fudge-making, hug-giving mood this season. I have however had some fun playing out of a jazz-Christmas book for the piano that we have. And I suppose just about anything is better than finals, eh? And at least Christmas involves chocolate.

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Jesse said...

Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Best part of coming home was that my family had a ton of chocolate and they've been milling away at it very, very slowly. I guess it's not the best thing about coming home, but it is definitely a plus.