Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Happy New Year, Children Dear!

OK, sooooo....I do the whole New Year's Resolution thing on and off....depending on the year. The following is a list of things I want to get done this year, things that simply WILL happen....and what ever else I feel like writing.

First of all I REALLY want to learn to like the snow. I'll be living in it for the next few months, so I might as well learn to like it right?

*A slew of missionaries will be coming home this summer, including Zach Forsyth, Charles Bulloch, and my wonderful older brother, Daniel.

*I will finish my sophomore year at BYU-I (and for those of you still wondering, yes I'm back in Idaho, and yes, I'm a music major again)

* I, like the millions of other less-than-fit people around the world, would love to get in shape this year. I don't like giving myself to many limits on what that means--because if I miss a day of exercising or something I usually totally give up all together. Just MORE fit.

*Perhaps go on tour to CA with Vocal Union

*Go to Wicked in April!

*My room mate Kayla is getting married in April!

*I would REALLY love to get a job in Idaho to help pay for living costs (like housing and food) I don't have to take out a student loan and accrue interest.

*I want to start going to the temple regularly this semester. I definitely need to make time for that.

*I'm finishing up my theory and ear training classes this year! And getting done with the only math class I'll ever have to take from now on (I hope)!

Well...It's almost 3 AM and that's all that I can think of. I might add more later. This is going to be an awesome year!!!!


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