Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank goodness for Thanksgivinging!

Sorry....I didn't intend to go on strike for quite so long =) I just got a bit busy there...
So guess what?!!! I start my journey home tomorrow morning at 5:00!!! I'm taking the shuttle down to SLC where I'm excited to watch the Hurricane High School football team kick butt at the championship game. Go TIGERS!!! And then I'm going to ride home with my Dad and brother the rest of the way. It's going to be a pretty darn busy week...I still have a TON of homework to do, I need to help my mom clean the house, I'm working approximately 30-36 hours while I'm home, and I still want to get as much hanging out in as I can. Luckily, if I don't get to see everyone while I'm home, I'll be home againg in just a few weeks, and I'll definitely have time then!!!
AAAAH! I'm so excited to see my new house it's insane!

I'm trying to think of things in my life that perhaps you would all like to be updated on....but I think there's not much too my life but homework, and who wants to hear about that? No one.
My room mate Ashlee got a couple of cute baby turtles the otherday. One of them is named.....something cool I don't remember....and the other one is Megatron! Haha...they're pretty rad.
My room mate Alyssa has gotten me pretty much addicted to Triscuits. She likes the cracked pepper and olive oil ones, but I'm rather partial to the seasoned tomatoe kind with slices of pepper jack cheese! Yum!!! Two of my roommates are engaged (Kayla and Trisha) and two of them have boyfriends (Ashlee and Kimberly) and Alyssa has a thriving social life, so sometimes it's just me..and everyone with their boyfriends. It gets kind of awkward at times =) Haha....I try to stay strong though. Usually I just go to my room and do homework and go to sleep (if I'm not at the Snow late practicing for an ear training test, or putting together a powerpoint presentation for my music tech class that I should have started weeks ago.)
I'm ashamed to say that my apartment is an absolute disaster most of the seems as if we're all home just long enough to make messes, and not long enough to clean them up. I think we've failed clean check every week. However, we've discovered that they don't really DO anything to us if we don't pass except leave little post-it notes saying "less-clutter, make your beds--we'll be back next week" So I can't say that any of us feel very motivated to improve. I'm excited to have my own house when I'll know that all the mess is mine, so I will feel more obligated to clean up. It's harder when you feel like your room mates are the messy ones =)

My vocal juries are coming up, so if any one wants a bit of an opera concert, I seriously need to practice performing for people. It's one thing to sing jazz, broadway, or church songs to the public, but let me tell you--opera is a whole 'notha' thing. It scares me half to death to sing classically for people. I'm afraid that I sound like a warbly platypus or something....Wow. I don't know where that simile came from. Hmmm....I wonder what a warbly platypus sounds like?

I hope this post was satisfactory. I love you all and hope to see you soon!!!!

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Bill and Emily Grant said...

It was so much fun to see you during Thanksgiving! I can relate to what you are saying about feeling like you are only home enough to make messes! I felt the same way when I was in college. It is different when you have your own place though... although now I just have to clean up after my husband... :)but he is pretty good most of the time!

Can't wait to see you again! Good luck with all your finals!