Friday, July 25, 2008

Thoughts on Honesty

The lesson in my Gospel Principles class last Sunday was on honesty and I've been thinking about it off and on ever since (I am known to think every once in a while). Honesty really is the best policy I think. I've had too many good experiences with telling the truth to think otherwise.
A couple of weeks ago I lost my dad's sunglasses, and I kept putting off telling him because I half-heartedly hoped (ooh good alliteration!) that they would show up--they never did. In class, we discussed the sin of omission, and I decided I'd better tell my dad =). It REALLY wasn't a big deal. My dad just said, "ok, good. We're even because I was feeling bad that you paid for a tank of gas in my car last week. I'm just glad to know that I didn't lose another pair of my sunglasses." And that was it. And I felt tons better. A week before the afore mentioned incident, I put a pretty big dent in my Mom's car. As soon as I got home I told her, and THAT wasn't a big deal either. She just said, "Well Daniel left a dent, and this was your first that's good, and I'd rather a dent than something bigger. Now maybe you'll learn to be more careful." When I showed my dad the dent he said, "Kimber, that's not as big as the what I did to my car." And then he gave me hug and said, "This is why we buy disposable cars." Now, I admit, I have pretty darn amazing parents so it may be easier for me to tell the truth to them than it would be for some of my peers to tell their parents, but I think that getting rid of the guilt is worth just about any punishment. So my question is, why aren't people more honest to each other? Even people who are really good friends aren't always honest with eachother--sometimes they're not honest to eachother because they're good friends and they don't want to hurt feelings. I'll be honest =), I think that's very understandable, but dumb. People are generally less offended when you tell them the truth (in a kind caring way) than when you don't and they find out later anyway. I've had to tell some of my friends things when I wasn't sure if they would have favorable reactions, but I've discovered that even if things are uncomfortable or even painful at first, it generally all (as Claire would say) comes out in the wash. And you can have even closer relationships built on trust. OK....this feels kind of weird to post all of this on my blog. I usually try to just post entertaining, funny things, but this has just been on my mind lately. It's something that I have to continually work on, so I hope no one feels like this is a preachy post =) Love ya guys! Be honest!
PS-- if any of you feel like adding your thoughts or stories about honesty to mine, please post some comments =)


jesse said...

I just think that a lot of people aren't honest because their parents don't teach them right. I think a big responsibility falls on the parents. My parents have had a huge impact on my life.

I know that being honest is so important. It's really the only way to be. It can be hard, but in the end, it brings peace. Being trustworthy is so important too because how can you even think to have a relationship without trusting a person? It's pretty impossible, THEREFORE: be honest.

I think that was preachier than yours Kimber, maybe...

Claire said...

We really did make liars out of ourselves after that didn't we. We didn't go back to class for TWO weeks! We're horrible. Oh well. Honesty. Yes, honesty is good. I quite like it, which is also really good since I'm such a terrible liar. I can't get anything past you guys, darn it all! Actually, when I was little I was pretty much a chronic liar. And thief. And I thought no one knew. I don't know how or even why I grew out of it. That didn't have much to do with your post, but I couldn't think of anything to say. I seem to have that problem a lot lately.