Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Nights Saturday night was pretty much incredibly fun. Shella, Jesse, Craig, Joe, and Coltin came over to play a couple of games, and then we headed over to Shella's for peaches and icecream. Yum. I seriously think that if you bite into a Hurricane peach, you can't help but believe that God exists. Shella's dad started getting instruments out for people to play, so Jesse and I ran to my house to get a few more (actually we drove. And I ran over the ripstick in my drive way...). By the time we started playing songs together we had the most eclectic group of instruments I think I've ever seen. We had two electric guitars, two accousitc guitars, a mandolin, a fiddle, a harmonica, a flute, an accordian, and the bongos. It was pretty much amazing. Claire, Whitney, and their dates joined us a little later at which point we went over to the echo house to experience singing in my storage room. It was really nice to have more boys than just Kyle to sing with. I LOVE singing in the echo house. After we sang a few songs we plugged a boombox into the wall of my garage and danced to good old Michael Buble. The odds were great: 6 guys to 3 girls. Very enjoyable. Can I just say that I love Hurricane? Good clean fun.


Shella said...

Kimber, I am loving all the stuff we're doing. It's so fun to dance and play games and do random things with a group of fun people. It was definitely nice to have more guys than girls for once. Let's keep doing stuff!

Claire said...

I have to agree that night was a blast! My date was so incredibly nice and sweet for a change! I loved it! And singing in the Echo House is definitely my new favorite thing to do. By far. I absolutely love it! I love singing with you three almost more than anything right now. Except maybe my new PINK computer. :)