Thursday, July 3, 2008 I feel bad that I haven't posted anything for awhile. I just feel so intimidated by everyone who puts pictures on their blogs....I'm just too lazy to do that. So I guess I'll just have to paint ya'll some pictures with my words! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, does that mean that I have to talk a lot? Well....all right, so picture me behind a desk about to pass out. That's what I've been doing this week. I'm training as a PSN PSR at the IHC clinic here in Hurricane. PSN PSR is just an official sounding way to say that I'm a front desk girl that comes in whenever they need me to. I didn't think a desk job could be so intense. When I'm at the instacare desk, I practically hold people's lives in my hands! I don't much like the idea of killing some one, so I'm going to be the best receptionist that clinic has ever seen! Just office manager, Jason, says that it will probably be about 6 months before I even feel competent in my job. I believe him. Everyone says I'm catching on fast, but I feel like everything is just flying over my head. I think that the hardest thing is trying to guess how to spell all of the prescriptions that people call in for. xytoluticol....what? I don't even know if I just spelled the word prescription right.... luckily there is such thing as a hold button, and a transfer button. Other wise I would probably have ruined the entire Family Practice in the clinic by now. I'm sure I spend a lot more time putting people on hold, so I can ask questions, than I do actually talking to the people calling me =) Luckily I have two more training meetings I get to go to next week, so hopefully that will help.
Gas is too expensive.
So I think it's pretty cool that pretty much everyone is coming home to go to Dixie. It makes me feel a lot better about me doing it =) I'm glad I'll have lots of friends down here to do things with!
Yes, that would be a hint to all of you who are going to Dixie this next year. I want to do things with you!!! Pool party at my house in the next couple of months!!!
OK....I think I'm going to go to cedar mountain now.
Maybe I'll post again when I get back. Happy Fourth of July!


Shella said...

Kimber!!! I'm so glad you posted! You are no longer second to the bottom on the list on my blog. I'm sorry that your new job is so crazy-intense. I'll make sure you get a break from it in about a week. ;) I am also Very happy that people are going to be attending DSC! We totally all have to do lots of fun things. Involvement. It's kind of weird to think back on our high school days and know that now we're looking for ways to be more involved.

Claire said...

Golly! That job sounds intense! I don't think I could handle it. Or even want to. I hate having responsibility like that. I think you'd be wonderful for that position though. You're good under pressure. And I'm excited for college too. Besides the going to school part. :)