Monday, October 20, 2008

Midterms and life....aaaah!!!

Well the semester's nearly half-way over for me--CRAZY--which means that midterms are this week--STRESSFUL! Every free hour I get I've been trying to finish up this insanely long assignment. I'm supposed to write a single-spaced half page on the philosophy of numerous different philosophers, and the significance of different events and time periods. By the time I finish it will have taken me a minimum of thirteen hours to complete. I woke up at 4 AM this morning to see if I could get some more of it done before I turn it in on Wednesday, but it's now 6:30 and I have a pounding headache--which isn't good because within the hour I have to figure out how to modulate up or down half a step in a key by using augmented german 6 chords and secondary dominants (don't ask). So I've opted for checking out facebook and blogging for a bit.
Life is still good. My ward choir sang in sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday (I had to raise my hand in the middle of sacrament meeting to tell them we were performing, because the bishopric had forgotten and I was pretty anxious for my choir to sing). Yesterday's practice was my favorite because I led the men's sectionals, so as we were finding someplace to practice I had about 8 guys following in a line behind me =) haha...
My vocal union performance went well. We sang three songs, and I sang the first and last solos so that was kind of fun =) I got hugs from a few people that watched the show, and compliments from people I've never met before, so that's always fun. My family was even able to come up to watch!!! They must love me or something...
um....I passed my oral German diction test last week! So I can sing German correctly...I just have no clue what I'm saying =) I'm officially sick of lauts (ach-lauts, ich-lauts, and um-lauts). They're simply unnatural. The good news is, I get to start learning french diction! Hurrah!!! I watched part of My Fair Lady last night, and I could actually understand some of Prof. Higgins IPA symbols!!! (International phonetic alphabet)
I sang in a voice rectial last Thursday. I'd prepared all week and sounded good if I do say so myself, but once I got in front of the piano to sing I completely forgot how the song started. Luckily I'm a dang good actress, and I kept my poise while I struggled to remember my I pulled it off. I wish I didn't get so nervous performing for people though. Speaking of performing, I get to sing "How High the Moon" with BYU-I's Jazz band (Sound Alliance) at the fall formal! I'm pretty much ecstatic about it. Vocal Union is singing a couple of songs as well. I'm a bit nervous about Agua de Bebe, because we've only looked at it like twice, and it's supposed to be memorized for Friday. That wouldn't be too much of a problem except that I don't speak portugese. My dad does. Not that that helps anything. =)
So, I'm thinking that if I can get through this week, I'll be ok for a few more weeks to come. Except perhaps in ear training...we'll have to see about that. We have a test every week now, and it's getting to the point where I can't even play the sight singing exams on the piano! Yikes. Yeah, pretty intense.
After the general conference talks a few weeks ago, I determined to try to live in the moment and be happy. So, despite all of these stress causing factors, I'm ok. Because if you think about it, when it comes to grades, the worst that can happen to me (getting an F) won't ruin my life forever, and living life is more important than a grade right? So I'm just trying to be happy as I do my homework, and absorb all I can. Sometimes it's harder to live with this attitude than other times. I'll admit that I'm getting pretty excited for Christmas break...except for the fact that it means moving on to Ear Training three. =( If I pass ear training two that is....=)
Ok...well I'm starting to fall asleep at this computer, so methinks it's time to go warm up my voice for the day! La la la la laaaa!
I hope that everyone has an absolutely delectable day!
Love ya!


Jesse said...

Just so you know, when you posted this blog, it was the middle of my night.

I'm glad everything is going well. Keep it up, and I love what you learned from conference. I think one of my favorite things was whoever said "Come what may, and love it!"

Kimber said...

I do believe that was Elder Wirthlin...but I could be wrong. I loved that quote too. I repeat it every day! =)

Julianne said...

Sick. Your mid-terms sound sick. NOT in the wicked-awesome sort of way. All your singing stuff sounds like a blast, Kimber. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun t here. You are such a cutie! We will have to visit come Thanksgiving break.