Friday, September 5, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Wow...I'm going to Idaho today. Crazy. Three Days ago I wasn't even really thinking about going back, and now all of the sudden, I am. Before I'm on my way and don't have my own computer for awhile, I wanted to say goodbye to each of you....just in case you didn't feel like you got a good enough goodbye yesterday. I guess...we'll go in Alphabetical order. =)
  • Claire--It's kind of a bummer that you have parents that actually care about you and want you home in good time so you can sleep =) I would have liked to have seen you last night, but I know that you'll miss me, and thanks for the effort you put in on that wonderful blanket. I'm so glad that you and I are best friends. You are probably one of the most loyal people I have ever met. It will be fun for you for me to be a music major as well. We can call and complain to eachother about ear training tests and juries. =) You really need to let me know when you start having music major night mares. :) I'm going to miss you so much! I'll let you know if I find any new recipes that I think you should try. When I come back We'll have to go to Iceburg sometime...
  • Jesse--I love that you and I were able to become such good friends in such a short amount of time. As I've told you many times, I find you very easy to talk to...and it was nice to be able to talk to someone who hasn't heard all of my stories a hundred times already =) I'm sorry that I'm leaving at an already stressful time for you, I hope that by me being away, maybe you'll be able to focus on school even better than you already were, and so maybe this will turn out to be a stress reliever for you. Also, good luck with your biology book. I'll be sure to give my withdrawal form to you if I get one. The best to you and all of the decisions you have to make within the next year.
  • Kyle--Hey ya bum. Thanks for making me laugh this summer. I think the times that you made me laugh at myself and at you far outway the times I was frustrated with you--and that's saying something ;). I will thoroughly miss staying up late talking to you on the trampoline, and you telling me that I'm getting in your bubble...I'll miss you making me blush.....kind of....and I'll miss accompanying you while you sing. I'll miss you even though you refuse to be my feeling massager :) Thanks for putting up with my occasional neediness, and for spending like half of your comp tickets on me. Keep having fun with Tuacahn, and let me know if you fall in love with any more pretty girls. See ya in November best buddy!
  • Shella---Shellala, It's really too bad that we've been best friends for a while now, and yet we still have different taste in things. I'm really sad that we don't get to go to school together....I guess we'll just have to hold off until we live next door to each other. You are going to be the radest dental hygienist ever! I'm totally going to let you clean my teeth. I feel bad about leaving you...but not as bad as I did last year because now that you have Claire and Kyle to hang out with I'm hoping you won't be lonely without me or Zach. Just think....when I come home from school, Zach will only be a few months away from coming home!!! You'd better come up and visit again this year!! Love ya tons! I'm going to miss Hurricane, but this really is what is right for me. I'll be back before you know it. Be on the look out for good quartet songs, and maybe the house I'm living in now will be the new echo house when I get back. We can sing in my room with the dolphins or something!!!! I really truly love you all. I know you'll be just fine with out me...but try not to be more than "just fine"--I like to feel needed :) I love you all tons!!! Goodbye! I'll miss you!!!!




jesse said...

kimber! I'm going to miss you so much. You are SO far away. I hope you come back often, and you better text/call/email/blog comment/whatever other form of communication often. Have fun in Idaho. It will be a good experience for you. God bless!`

Shella said...

Kimber, we do miss you. I miss you. I'm very glad that you are happy up there, though. I definitely want you to be doing what makes you happy.
So, now that I have texting, we can totally...text! That won't make you as homesick as calling, right?
I definitely want to go visit you again. I guess your room isn't any bigger this year, right? It wouldn't be a bad thing if it were. I'm hoping your roommate (is it Jeannie?) is fun and easy to get along with. ;)
Love you, Kimber! Thanks for making the summer SOOO much fun. One of the best of my life.

Claire said...

Kimberly, that was maybe the sweetest post ever. I love you so much! If it weren't for you I'd still be an impossibly shy girl who never said a thing she was thinking. Like I've said before - you didn't give me an option. You're the best friend anyone could dream of having. I'm going to miss you so much, but I agree that you're where you need to be. We'll be fine down here so don't worry about us. Like Jesse and Shella said, we'll communicate lots and have a jolly ol' time! I love you so much! Haha! I'll stop now. It' starting to sound like you died. :)