Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ok, so here's the surprise. Maybe it's not that cool, but I'm not very good at coming up with surprises. I'm going to post a memory of each person that commented on my last post. Hooray!
Here we go:
Missy--this is kind of random, but for some reason I keep thinking about a time when we stood next to each other in line on school picture day and just talked about whatever. I remember being surprised at how fast you were getting through highschool...and it seems like Michael had already given you a ring! Maybe I'm wrong on that point....but I remember thinking that you were a cool girl. You still are! It was really fun to see you and the baby on the 4th! You should come up here more often!!!

Aunt Leslie--I have lots of good memories with you, my lovely aunt! My current favorite is when we had Kareoke night at your house a few years ago. I thought you and my mom were absolutely CRAZY! I was to embarassed to get up and sing myself, but I sure enjoyed watching the two of you and your daughters dancing around. =) Good times...

Jesse Bramall-- My favorite memory with you will forever be the night you taught me the polka. Seriously, it was probably the most magical night of my life. I didn't mind that my feet got wet from the freshly watered grass, or that I got so dizzy I thought that I'd fall over--I was just happy to be practically flying through McKenzie's yard with Jesse Bramall ;) Thanks for that =)

Alejandro-- Haha...I'm going to choose the night that we watched Fiddler on the Roof, and you taught me how to pop popcorn in a pot. I thought it was the most amazing thing! And the popcorn was SO dang good!!! That was a good night. And I owe you a couple of pineapples if you come visit me next week!


Jesse said...

First of all, I love that you did that, especially because it was so super random.

Secondly, I loved that night too! Wasn't that the fourth of July? Am I thinking of the right night? If so, that was just over a week before I reported to the MTC, and I love DOING the polka. Somebody the other day told me that apparently there are some other types of polkas, but I like the one I do.

Thanks for all the good times Kimber! You rock.

Kimber said...

Yeah, I think it WAS the fourth of July. You're thinking of the right night. I'm glad you enjoyed my post!!!