Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rockin' Rexburg!!!!

So, Charles and I went up to Rexburg a couple of weeks ago to look for jobs and housing, and to give Charles a feel for campus. We had SUCH an awesome time!!! The best part of the trip was Monday night. We met up with Juliann Hollowell and Alex Ashby to bowl and afterwards decided to finger paint--which as you can see turned into a paint war. It was pretty much amazing. I love Rexburg.


Alex said...

wow... my armpits were really gross. thats not emberassing or anything haha... but it definatly was a fun night :)

Kimber said...

Alex, I didn't even notice. I had to go back and look for it--and that's exactly what everyone else that reads your comment is going to do too. Haha. Way to point it out =)