Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag YOU'RE it!!!

3 Names you go by - (I'm going to do more...hahaha)
1) Kimberly-loo
2) Kimera
3) Your Highnessty
4) Kimber Girl
5) Lee-loo

Restaurants I love -
1) Cafe Rio
2) Zoopas
3) Uptown Bagel

3 Trips to plan on this year
1) Go home some time and see my new house!!!
2) Go to Salt Lake to meet up with my homies.
3) Back to Idaho for the last week of school...

3 Things you want badly
1) Negative calorie doughnuts
2) To be done with Ear Training!
3) A Laptop with a large collection of Jazz songs on it.

3 Pets you have/had
-1) Frosty and Patch (cats)
2) A series of guinea pigs: Cleopatra, Mark Antony (MO), Lucky, Peanutbutter, Oreo, Zeuss, Jazzy, and I can't remember the name of the last one.
3) Buddy dog!

3 Things you did yesterday -
1) Woke up at 5:30
2) Started learning french diction!
3) Ate Arby curly fries and watched October Sky with Kimberly

3 Things you ate today -
1) Marshmallow Mateys
2) That's all.
3) I'm really hungry now maybe I'll cook some chiken! Or a bean burrito...or ramen.

3 Fears -
1) Voice Juries
2) Losing my scholarship
3) I used to be scared that ghosts would come out of the toilet when you flushed it. I would flush the toilet and then run to where there were other people as fast as I could.

3 Things you plan on doing today -
1) Taking a nap!
2) Curling my hair with egg whites
3) Sing with the Jazz Band at the fall formal! (And dance with my friend Alex who is a freakin' amazing dancer)

3 Things you plan on doing tomorrow -
1) Sleep in!!!
2) Go to my first room mate's baby shower (weird!!!)
3) Watch BYU-Ballroom dancers!!!

3 Favorite Holidays -
1) Christmas
2) Easter
3) Thanksgiving

3 Favorite beverages -
1) Water
2) Christmas Cheer =)
3)Pina colada sobe

3 People I tag -
1) Jesse
2) Kyle
3) Whoever else reads this and hasn't done it yet!


Shella said...

I wish the doughnuts at our FHE tonight had been negative calorie...I ate two of them...mmm I liked the ghosts in the toilet thing. I think I used to have a fear associated with toilets, though I can't now recall what it was. Christmas Cheer!!! Ah, Kimber, I like that too.

Kimber said...

We should make some again this year!! Maybe we could send some bags of it to Charles and Zach!!!! =)

The Crocketts said...

Hey Kimber! I found your blog on Claire's blog. How's BYU-I? (It was Ricks when I was there) I just have to tell you that I laughed when I read this because my main staple when I went to school there was Marshmallow Mateys! Hope you are having a great time! I know I loved it.
Heather Crockett
Next time you go home, give your dad a great big hug for me please!

Shella said...

Yes!!! Let's Definitely make some to send to them! I LOVE that idea. :) :) :) you remember how to make it?