Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kissing is Annoying.

Depending on the situation of course. The past few weeks, kissing has been annoying. Like this morning, I was walking to school and this couple in front of me kept kissing eachother. They ran into the girl's visiting teacher, who told the boyfriend that even though she had only known the girl a couple of weeks, she knew that the girl was amazing and he was a lucky guy. He replied, "I know I'm lucky! So you've known her a little longer then I have, right?" What the heck! They were acting like a married couple, and yet they'd know each other for just a few weeks?

The other reason that kissing is annoying is that I've had to practice a kissing scene for one of my acting classes. I don't like it. The first day we had to practice the kiss, our director made us sit on a couch holding hands for twenty minutes while listening to romantic mood music. No joke. It was awful. Now every time we practice he makes us do the kiss over and over and over again. I think he just likes watching us kiss. It's not very enjoyable for me. Luckily I'm a dang good actress though. =)

I think kissing will continue to be annoying until June of 2009. Then it might not be so bad=)


Susan Vilate said...

That must be when a certain someone comes home. Is the boy at least cute? And does everyone in the class have to kiss, or just you two? That's weird.

Kimber said...

The boy is...not ugly, but I'm not particularly attracted to him. And yes, we're the only two in the class that have to kiss. It is weird.

Susan Vilate said...

What does everyone else do? Sit and watch? Awkward!

Shella said...

Yeah, probably not so bad in 2009. People kiss a lot at school! hahaha I think the two week thing is hilarious. If I had only known someone that long, I might swab his lips and see what kind of cooties he had before kissing him. lol Just kidding! I wouldn't kiss him. 2009!

Meghan said...

YEah I have to totally agree with that. :)